Farmhouse Table Makeover

Happy New Year, Everyone! I haven't posted anything new for a few weeks because I've been diligently working on a few painting projects around my house before this adorable little distraction comes home to live with us in a week...

[Pausing for collective "Awe!".... I thought it would be wise to keep those cute little paws out of the paint bucket!]

I've been wanting to brighten up our kitchen table for a long while now, as there's just a lot of honey-colored wood tones going on in our kitchen. After some research on furniture painting techniques, I decided this project would be a good first foray into chalk painting. I especially liked that chalk painting avoids the work of stripping old finishes, sanding, and priming! I found this post on chalk painting by Lauren at the thinking closet to be especially helpful. I didn't use Annie Sloane brand products, as my local home store carries another brand, but I was still able to get the results I wanted.

First up, a thorough scrub down of the table with warm water and a squirt of dish soap. This table has been with us since my sons were babies, so it's seen a lot of smear! My cat supervised this portion of the project.
Next up, some taping off of areas I did not want to paint. I had decided to keep the top of the table 'as is' for now to see if I liked the look.
Then I used a regular 1 1/2 inch angled paint brush to apply the chalk paint, trying to paint in the direction of the wood grain. I allowed one hour dry time in between coats and applied three coats of paint.
My cat became bored during the painting stage.
Here is the table after three coats of chalk paint. Were I not intent on distressing the table, I would have applied a fourth coat - as it still looked a little streaky to me.
The next step was distressing. I protected the floor with a plastic tarp for this dusty job. I wrapped sand paper around a sanding block for better grip.
The final step was applying some clear creme wax with a round-tipped waxing brush and then gently wiping off the excess with a clean, soft cloth. Here is the finished product!
I am loving the 'urban farmhouse' vibe we have going on in our home right now, and our kitchen feels really fun and fresh with the newly brightened-up table. 

This table was a freebie to us from a generous, random stranger many years ago, and we have definitely used and abused it. In fact, we had to replace the original ladder-back dining chairs this summer because they were too damaged to be safely used anymore.

It was fun to give the table some love for once and now see it looking spruced up and ready for many more years of service.

New year, new DIY projects! Gotta love it!



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