Two-Minute Microwave Coffee Mug Scrambled Eggs

If you've read my other blog post on kid-friendly breakfasts, you know that I am always on the hunt for an easy, healthy breakfast that I can whip up for my kids in minutes in my less-than-alert morning mental state. For the past two months, my son has requested plain old scrambled eggs nearly every morning for his breakfast. I humored him and sat at the stove-top for a couple of weeks, stirring away at my skillet, but then I remembered that I'd once made microwaved scrambled eggs in a coffee mug a couple of years ago. I feel silly posting such a basic recipe, but it truly has made my mornings so much easier! After a few attempts and fails at the correct ratio of egg to milk, here is the recipe that my son seems happy to be eating nearly every weekday morning:

Step 1:
Use paper towel to smear a bit of butter around the bottom and sides of your coffee mug.

I use my largest coffee mugs for this recipe, which hold 16 oz. The eggs rise while cooking, so the bigger mug keeps them from rising over the top and making a mess of the microwave.

Step 2: Crack two eggs and pour 1 1/2 Tablespoons of milk into the mug.

Step 3: Beat the eggs and milk together with a fork. Remove the fork, and pop the mug into the microwave for 60 seconds at High power.

Step 4: Add salt & pepper to taste, along with a sprinkle of cheese if desired. My son likes his scrambled eggs plain or with cheese only, but you could also add some diced ham or green/red pepper here if desired.

Step 5: Give the mixture another stir with a fork to incorporate the add-ins.

Step 6: Pop the mug back into the microwave for another 60 seconds on High power, adding 15 seconds more if the eggs don't seem quite set after the 60 seconds.

Step 7: Remove the mug from the microwave with pot holders if the handle is hot, then let the eggs rest for 1 minute or so. Carve around the eggs with a spoon and scoop the eggs from mug to plate for serving.

I always think of PAC-MAN when I make that first cut into the eggs!

For clean-up, I typically rinse the mug in my sink, then leave it filled with water until I start the dishwasher the next time to avoid having the eggs stick to the mug.

Voila! Easy breakfast extraordinaire! Kids are happy, mom is happy, kids have fuel for their day ahead, mom can drink her cup of coffee while it's still hot... everybody wins!

It's gonna be a great day,


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