An Update to my Readers

Photo by Eric Froehling

I recognize that my blog posts are becoming less and less frequent. Allow me to explain. I began this blog as sort of a self-experiment - blogging has been a method for me to practice writing while disseminating helpful information I have learned (and sometimes the hard way!) in the most important areas of my life: marriage and parenting, health and wellness, managing a home, and my faith walk. I also predicted that writing about these topics might not only be therapeutic for me, but might also allow me to make connections with others going through similar circumstances. For the most part, this has been true, though not to the extent I had hoped it would.

The month of September always seems to bring new insights into my life, especially as my kids head back to school and I have more quiet time in my days with which to self-reflect. I came upon the realization lately that blogging has been kind of a lonely occupation for me, more so than I expected it would. After trying this lifestyle out for the past year plus, I have decided that while I enjoy the writing immensely, I neither enjoy nor profit from spending entire days getting one blog post into the various necessary specific formats to be uploaded onto different social media platforms. In addition, as my children age - I also am sensitive to the material that I post online so as not to influence their present or future social or professional lives. Having this foresight of how my writing might influence my children's futures has led to a lot of self-censoring, which doesn't make my writing feel as free and authentic as I would like it to be.

And so, I have decided that I am going to continue writing, a true love of mine, but I won't be writing for my personal blog as much. Instead, I will be getting back to journaling, as well as seeking various opportunities in writing for others. You will likely see me pop in here and there on my blog in the future, but less regularly than I did during my first year of blogging. Feel free to subscribe to my blog using the form posted below if you would like to receive an email notice when I do add new content so that you don't feel like you need to continuously check back.

Thank you, my dear readers, for sticking with me throughout this experimental blog of mine, for your helpful and kind comments, and for your unwavering support of my creative endeavors. I have learned a lot of great life lessons for sure throughout the development and management of this blog!

Until next time, be blessed, live with love, and be grateful!

With much gratitude for you,


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