Writing Portfolio


2017 | Beyond Type 1 | 
Labor, Delivery & After with Type 1 Diabetes
Beyond Type 1

2017 | Beyond Type 1 | 
Mini Glucagon: Mini-Dosing of Glucagon in Everyday Diabetes Management
Beyond Type 1

2016 (first author) | Health Education Research |
School district wellness policy quality and weight-related outcomes among high school students in Minnesota
Health Education Research

2016 (co-author) | Public Health Nutrition |
District wellness policies and school-level practices in Minnesota, USA
Public Health Nutrition

2013 (co-author) | Journal of School Nursing |
Evaluating school wellness policy in curbing childhood obesity in Anchorage, Alaska
Journal of School Nursing

2012 (master’s thesis) | The status of school wellness policies in Minnesota public schools

2002 (first author) | Journal of Community Health Nursing |
A comparison of chronic pain between an urban and rural population
Journal of Community Health Nursing


Other unpublished writing samples available upon request.